Experts Predict Future Of Berkshire Hathaway

experts predict future of berkshire hathaway

When it comes to Berkshire Hathaway, it’s the only company which has managed to provide a considerable amount of returns over a cumulative basis. Warren Buffett has said that if you can’t hold shares for ten years, then you shouldn’t hold the shares. Experts are predicting what would be the future of Berkshire Hathaway when Buffett gets retired. Warren, along with his partner Charlie Munger has led the company in the right direction. Berkshire Hathaway, which is famous for following value investment philosophy, has made lots of money.

Investors of Berkshire Hathaway has always been in the right mentality because they knew their money is in the right hand. Currently, Warren Buffet is still running Berkshire Hathaway, but soon he will have to give up his power. Ajit Jain is the person who according to many experts, will be able to manage Berkshire Hathaway after Warren’s retirement. Ajit Jain, who is 66 years old, was a consultant at McKenzie who came to Berkshire Hathaway in 1986. Jain is the head of reinsurance business in which he has brought many good deals for the company.

Warren, who is a big fan of his work, has always praised Jain’s work because according to Warren, Jain knows how to bring a good deal on the table. Warren even once said that “made a lot more money for Berkshire than I have.” Another successor which experts are betting on is Greb Able who came to Berkshire Hathaway in 1999. He is the head of non-insurance operations in the Berkshire Hathaway and has always been active in the company’s core operations. Buffet praised work of Abel numerous times and once he said that Able brings good innovative ideas which brings more profit. The question of a successor for Berkshire Hathaway might be concerning for investors. However, one thing sure that Warren and his partner charlie will give reigns of the company in the right hands.


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