A Report Finds iPhone Loyalty Is Getting Down

A Report Finds iPhone Loyalty Is Getting Down

A recent report shows that iPhone owners are now showing disinterest in buying new iPhones or upgrading them. In a recent survey, the data of those people who use iPhones were studied. Researchers took data of more than 38000 people who use iPhones and compared them with historical data. It’s found that since October 2018 many people are losing their interest in upgrading to new iPhones or buying a new one. iPhone retention rate from the last six months has gone down by 15.2% in the previous six months.

iPhone users are showing their disinterest in buying a new iPhone because of various reasons. The report also indicates growth of loyalty user base of Apple’s rival Samsung. Surprisingly many users of Samsung are happy with the product and retention rate in Samsung galaxy was 92.3%. Last month more than 18% of the iPhone users switched to Samsung phones. If we compared the loyalty performance of iPhone, then it’s the lowest performance of the iPhone brand since 2011. In 2011, iPhone retention was around 77%, and for June 2019, it was 77%.

Sales performance of iPhones is also getting down every quarter. For June ending 2019, iOs based devices accounted for 36% of total phone sales, which is down by 2.4% as compared to last year’s same quarter. Overall, android based devices sales went up by 2.5%, and that’s an indication that people are now more interested in buying android based devices. There are various reasons behind downfall in the loyalty of iPhones customers. The current geopolitical situation is affecting severely on Apple’s key suppliers, which are ultimately slowing down iPhones production plus sale. Apple is coming up with new iPhones, which will have 5G network connectivity. It will be interesting to see what new features Apple will be brought in iPhones and whether users are going to like it or not.

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